How to find out if you have a travel ban in Ukraine. Check travel ban online in Ukraine and adroad.

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With the help of the detective agency, in order that you do not have unpleasant situations associated with the interruption of your trips, loss of money for tickets and so on, you can make a quick for a one-two day check of the ban leaving or entering Ukraine.

It should be noted that the ban on going abroad from the territory of Ukraine can only be imposed by a court decision. This can be done in such common cases.

First, in the order of criminal proceedings, when a person is put on the wanted list and there are suspicions that he can escape from the country.

Second, when a civil claim was filed against the person before the completion of the proceedings.

Third, when a person avoids fulfilling the obligations prescribed by the court, before the deadline for fulfilling these obligations. As a rule, these obligations bear a debt component both in civil cases, which include debts on alimony and other debts.

As for the prohibition of entry to the territory of Ukraine of foreign citizens, it can be applied by the authorities with respect to persons who may pose a threat to the state of Ukraine, or persons who violated the legislation of Ukraine, who also provided untrue data or forged documents.

Any search activities of detectives, any person begins with a check whether he is on the territory of Ukraine or not. After all, really, why look for a person in Ukraine if it is already not here. In any investigation it is important to know in which directions a person travels, with whom he meets, where his surroundings or accomplices are. For example, our agency conducted a case where it was important to find a major thief who held a large position in the bank and through financial fraud, stole and transferred several million US dollars abroad. Then he ran there himself. In what country, of course it was not known. But after tracing the movement of his relatives, it became known that after a time when everything calmed down, they traveled regularly to a certain country with a regular frequency. Accordingly, having followed the relatives in that country, we found a criminal. Information about his whereabouts was transferred to law enforcement agencies, and he was arrested.

Another client of ours had fears that his wife was driving in the wrong direction, which he was told about. So, she provided documents and tickets on agricultural exhibition in Holland. We conducted verification activities and found out that she had flown not to Holland, but to rest with her lover in Turkey.

Therefore it is very, very useful to contact the detective agency for verification and investigation related to the travel of persons of your interest. 

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