Registration of a person in Ukraine. Certificate of registration of the citizen of Ukraine. Find the place of registration of a person in Ukraine. Find the place of registration a person in Ukraine.

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If you need to find a place of registration in Ukraine, another person, a detective agency will help to get these confidential data. If you also ask questions, how to find the place of residence of a person in Ukraine, and also how to find a place of registration of a debtor in Ukraine. We will help answer them.

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We can also find a person by his phone number, as you can read from the link.

Do not know the phone number of another person, the detective agency finds out, more on the link.

We learn the series, passport number and other passport data, as well as the identification code, more detailed by reference.

We will learn its incomes and we will collect a file on the person Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. We will find out its actual place of residence and place of work.

The state says that it is not absolutely necessary to register a person at some address. It is an old relic of the communist system. And the right to choose a person's place of residence is a democratic value, everyone has the right to choose what he wants. However, between the lines it is hushed up that if a person is not registered at any address, then it is difficult for him to realize certain rights and freedoms.

In Ukraine the analogue of the registration of a person is similar to the registration of the DMV in the USA. Only the registration of a person is carried out not in accordance with the driving license, but in the national passport of a citizen of Ukraine. To register a foreigner in Ukraine, he needs to obtain a temporary residence permit.

So a citizen of Ukraine without an address of registration can not:

1. Make a passport ID card, get passport services. This is indicated by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 25, 2015 No. 302.

2. To register a newborn child at the place of registration of the parents or if they are different, at the place of registration of one of their address. Without this, will not be given a birth certificate.

3. Send a child to school.

According to the explanations of the Ministry of Education, the state, guarantees a place in the school, which is closest to the place of residence of the family and only. And the place of confirmation of this is the registrations of the parents.

4. Vote in local elections.

It is clear if you, for example, live in Kiev, but registered in Odessa, you can not choose the mayor of the city of Kiev.

5. Pay taxes and report as an individual entrepreneur.

Accordingly, with the law registration of the individual entrepreneur occurs at the place of its registration. Hence everything follows.

6.Take part in litigation.

One of the important rights. All court notifications are sent only at the place of registration.

And others.



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