Our fee

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nash gonorar
Final fee, private detective rates are determined after a personal meeting with the client or his representative, after taking into account the scale, complexity and risk of the forthcoming work.
The initial consultation, which involves a personal meeting with the detective, is charged at $ 50 per hour. We value our knowledge, our own and your time, so we want to protect you from rash emotional actions and meetings. In the case of positive agreements on the execution of the order by us, the indicated amount, for consultations, is deducted from the total amount of the order. Accordingly, the average amount for the work (investigation) of a private detective in certain categories of cases is also $ 35-40 per hour. Tariffication for receiving information dossiers or individual information requests is calculated according to a different principle, according to our price list.
Prepayment for the service is 100% for each stage of investigation or provision of information. The client sees the result at every stage, understands what he pays for and decides on further cooperation. If, for one reason or another, the completion of the case is impossible, the client is refunded the amount of the advance, minus part of the costs according to the estimate.