Collection of evidence in Internet Ukraine. Fixation of evidence in Internet Ukraine. Collection of information about the person in Internet Ukraine. How to collect information about a person in Internet. How to collect personal information about a person

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18. sbor informacii v internete

Very often, in order to initiate the opening of a court case, for example, to protect your business reputation, honor and dignity for negative publications against your business and you personally on the Internet, you in court must provide information about the proper defendant, otherwise the court will refuse you.

Very often, the authors of publications and fake websites created for black PR campaigns try to hide their data. Therefore, many have legitimate questions how to find the owner of the domain and site in Ukraine or how to find the author of the publication in Ukraine.

In this we will help you, and also delete or force the author to remove negative information about you or your business.

In addition, in order for the court to accept evidence from the Internet as permissible, they must be registered legally and correctly, and also to prove the relationship with the defendant. In this you our detective agency help you. As an example, we collected and documented evidence on the Internet for violating the business reputation of the Italian car concern. Thanks to properly conducted work, lawyers of the second structural division of our agency won the case.

Also, if you are wondering how to find out information about a person on the Internet, the detective agency will collect information on legal entities and individuals and other data of interest to you, from the Internet, as well as from various services and services (Google, Yandex, etc.). The best analysts work in our agency. Our analytical references are among the best! We have processors for collecting public data on the Internet based on specialized software, which has received the symbol "robot". This program is aimed at collecting the necessary information in a certain chronological algorithm. "Robot" extracts the necessary information, using a full arsenal of means and methods of semantic, statistical and linguistic analysis. The processors, acting autonomously, intercept any requested information as soon as the data appears on the Internet.