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8. vozvrat debitorki

Our detective agency will ensure the return of debts from buisness entity in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine to your debtors throughout Ukraine. We provide debt recovery services in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine.

Pre-trial settlement of a dispute or a legal case already won by the lawyers of our legal branch, as a rule, does not guarantee the return of your money, as the debtor can transfer assets to in other companies of his business, using long time periods of lawsuits. Accordingly, to the executive bodies at the end of the process and the adoption of a positive decision of the economic court in your favor, there is simply nothing to exact.

Our agency offers collection of accounts receivable resorting to the help of black PR technologies, which are used as an alternative or complement to legal processes. The essence of the action is to attack all the businesses of the debtor, the purpose of achieving which is the deterioration of business reputation in the person of its business partners, the failure of production processes, and much more. The debtor will be forced to return your money, otherwise it can simply lose everything!

Our arsenal has its own developed schemes for accounting, analysis and effective collection of accounts receivable. Do you have overdue accounts receivable of the enterprise? Please, contact us! We will ensure the competent management of accounts receivable and return your money!