Find out the marital status of a person by name in Ukraine. How to find out the marital status of someone in Ukraine. How to find out whether a person is married Ukraine. How to find out whether a person is married or divorced in Ukraine.

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Very often, in personal relationships with the opposite sex, people have a desire, and the need to make inquiries about the marital status of a person. After all, human can simply use you for your own purposes, and people are not going to get divorced from their husbands (wife). It should be noted that such information is confidential and it can not be obtained from third parties in civil registration offices Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. But do not be discouraged. Private detectives will help you. We will receive information an official marriage, or we will follow the object of your acquaintance to reveal its not official relations with the opposite sex.

Women often look for answers to questions about how to find out the marital status of a person in Ukraine or how to find out whether a person is married in Ukraine or how to find out whether a person is married or divorced in Ukraine.

Men are also interested how to find out if my girlfriend is married in Ukraine or how to find out that the girl is married Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine.

You have come to the right place. Through our agency you can check whether a man is married or not in Ukraine, and also to know whether a woman is married or not in Ukraine.

The practice of our detective agency shows that personal (marriage) scams are becoming quite common. As a rule, everything has already happened, swindlers have disappeared with money, jewelry, other property. Or he just used and left, leaving you a lot of lies and heartache. And how everything began romantically!? So that's why you need complete information about the marital status and in general about the person.

For acquaintance swindlers begin using sites, good restaurants, fashionable clubs, resorts.

Scammers are very good psychologists, they professionally play their part. If they only notice that you are looking at the "purse", they will immediately play the role of wealthy (successful) people. If you are tired of loneliness - he will constantly with you. Do you crave children? Believe me, he will constantly admire children and say that he also dreams about his son or daughter.

The reality of today is that all actions of married scammers fall under the qualification of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - "Fraud" with great strain. The article is very "fuzzy", and you, most likely, will not return your money even after the institution of a criminal case, which, however, with a high probability soon "collapses" like a cardboard house.

Anyone who is going to face marriage agencies should also know that the purpose of such a company is first of all getting a profit, and only then - the happiness of customers.

Often, under the guise of marriage agencies act fraudsters. For example, for a meeting with the object of your desire, they will take the money, and after that, "Your love" will send you home, sharing the money paid for the meeting, with his accomplices.

Despite the positive impression after acquaintance, there is always the possibility that the entire history of a person is just a well-thought-out legend. Perhaps he is married, or she is married or meets with the opposite sex and not only with you. Check the guy or girl for your own peace of mind.

Lawyers of the branch of our agency will help you, for your peace of mind, to make a marriage contract or a contract of joint activity. Read more about the service of the marriage contract on our legal website.