Background check for job candidates Ukraine. Background check a person Ukraine. Checking a person on a criminal record Ukraine. Check a person on criminal record Ukraine.

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Your business and housing is a stronghold in which there is no place for scammers, thieves and etc.

For you to live peacefully, worked and slept, and your children and relatives were safe - contact the detective agency and check the people you hire.

Often, you yourself, being careless, let them into your territory without carrying out the necessary verification activities, and after all, check the personality of a person in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine is important. If you think that you yourself can evaluate a person and collect the necessary reliable information about him - you are deeply mistaken. Believe that the characteristics of the recruiting agency will also not be enough. Personnel does not conduct a sufficiently in-depth study, which is used by most law enforcement agencies. This work can only be carried out qualitatively by professionals of private investigation, who had colossal experience in a number of Ukrainian special services.

The team of our detective agency, consisting of experienced operatives, psychologists, polygraph examiners applies effective methods of personnel assessment and verification.

We will collect information about a person and check (tentative list):

1. Previous and actual work places

2. Actual places of study (truthfulness of the submitted documents on education).

3. Information on convictions.

4. Information on the presence of applications to the police from other citizens in relation to a person, facts of bringing a person to criminal responsibility, when a person was not convicted, but a criminal case was initiated against him (it was closed due to lack of evidence, etc.) information on bringing an individual to administrative responsibility, the presence of compromising links with persons from the criminal environment.

5. Credit history (presence of debts).

6. Welfare, sources of income (business ownership).

7. Facts of judicial (criminal, economic, civil) cases involving a person.

8. Harmful habits (alcoholism, drugs, sexual deviations).

The specified list of questions can be expanded or narrowed by the customer.

(Terms of verification depending on the number of selected items from 1 to 3 days)

Checking the knowledge of personnel (checking the work of staff in Kiev and Ukraine), as well as its loyalty, is simply necessary to ensure the safety of your business, the safety of trade secrets, inventory and money.

We are also ready to install video cameras in your house, which will allow us to monitor home staff. This checking of the home staff will give you the opportunity to know and see what he does and how he behaves with children (if it's a nanny or a governess) in your absence, and much more.