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Our detective agency is able to provide high-quality services black pr Kiev, Odessa (carry out PR campaign). We will gather you all the necessary information for this. Our black pr firm Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine has a tremendous experience (both organization and fight against black PR) and will hold a really effective PR campaign using modern black PR technology.

We will also be able to counteract against black PR. After all, the one who owns the methods of attack, can always develop and implement protection for your business from black PR and strike back. In addition, we will provide your business with strong and positive public relations, substantially raise your image.

Black public relations is an information attack aimed at destroying business, corporate relations, image, etc. PR is a method of information wars. It should be noted that many, do not correctly perceive the concept of Black PR. Black PR does not mean dirty! All information in classic black PR is extremely truthful (based on evidence) and reveals the negative aspects of those against which it is applied. In dirty - black PR, all information is fictitious and has nothing to do with the truth. This is a low professional and dishonest method, which, however, is quickly exposed.

Our detective agency works on the principles of classic black PR and does not engage in the formation of outright lies! We extract extremely truthful, confirmed information revealing the negative, shortcomings, fraud and many others etc. of the one against which it is applied.

Black, as well as white PR is the prerogative of not only big business, rich people, politicians (black PR in politics Ukraine). Even in small business, black PR is possible. It is not necessary to be the owner of huge money to carry it out. PR can be done at all levels.

The goal of black PR may be to undermine the competitor's business connections, destroy business, which, in the end, will lead to the luring of his clients to you.

There is no serious ethical difference as a competitor will be removed from the market, by dumping prices, litigation or by black PR. With fierce competition, the weakest leaves the market.

Black PR is also effective when the state and the judiciary are not able to protect you. Black PR acts as an alternative to litigation. As an example, this may relate to the issue of returning receivables (business debts), when co-founders in the face of fraud companies "threw you" and withdrew assets into their related business. Legally, you can win all business cases in court, but you can not actually collect your money. You will only have to watch desperately how your money is absorbed in the related business of scammers, or you will seriously consider the need for black PR. Applying various methods of black PR, you can quite legally and effectively make the debtor return your money (when he realizes that he can simply lose business).

If briefly, the essence of the action is to collect information about the new (adjacent business) of the debtor, collect compromising material and bring this information to its new business partners. In addition to compromising evidence and accusing him of being a dishonorable person (the dishonesty of his business), it is possible, to attach court decisions that have been made in your favor. Believe me, its business partners are pondering, the delays in new contracts, the elimination of deferred payment, etc., will begin. The debtor will have to go to your meeting. A his business will be either significantly undermined or destroyed.

Only by mastering the methods of attack and defense, you will be able to succeed in this kind of activity and promote the development of your business.

The use of black PR for attacks by competitors' businesses is a very common phenomenon all over the world. PR activities are not inherently illegal or not ethical actions. Different business structures have the right to engage in black PR. Black PR will not defile you in any way. Of course, if the black PR is sold not professionally, then you can suffer more than the enemy. Therefore, cooperate only with good specialists.

In today's society, the Internet is also actively used to implement black PR. Competently to oppose black PR in a global network and competently to repulse an attack (to refute the information, strike back) only professionals can. Accordingly, to collect qualitative compromising material, organize a black PR campaign on the network.

Here are the main sources of obtaining the necessary information for PR campaigns:

Open sources.

It is always possible to find a large amount of information in open sources. This is data about the competitor from the Internet, forums, newspapers, magazines, periodical directories. After all, the competitor often publishes quite a lot of different information about his activities.

Partially closed information.

In the case when the analysis of information from open sources did not give proper results, and to create a black PR campaign at a high and effective level, more spicy data is needed, then the competitor needs to be analyzed more carefully. One of the ways to obtain partially closed information can be activity under the guise of an imaginary client. In addition to the role of "client", you can act under the cover of a journalist, a writer or a representative of a public organization, etc.

Closed Information.

In itself, the receipt of this kind of information is a balancing act on the verge of law. However, detective agencies will readily gather and provide this information. It can also be an action to introduce your person into the competitor's business, or to obtain information from various closed sources, etc.

Our agency will show you an example of PR, will create a legend that will provide the maximum amount of information. There are many variants of legends, and many of them are in the legal field.

While collecting information, do not draw ambitious goals from the very beginning. For example, "what can I find to as quickly as possible to discredit a competitor." Look for as much as possible of various information, and the necessary information for conducting PR campaign will be found itself.

Implementing PR

Do not be afraid to do PR. To implement various PR-campaigns you will need to attract a competent PR manager and an executive team. You can have a full-time PR unit or hire other firms, which is much more profitable financially, since keeping a permanent staff of PR managers is an expensive pleasure. You will spend PR actions from time to time, and accordingly cooperate with PR companies more profitable. Sometimes, to carry out execution of voluminous and complex in essence PR-campaigns, you will certainly need to attract a leading PR agency in Kiev, Ukraine.

Remember about the main thing, the PR campaign executors should be creative people, able to competently collect information and implement it for your benefit. Perfectly know and apply the methods of black PR.

This is available financially. Often, the same PR event may be held for as many as 500$, or for several thousand dollars. The most interesting is that the resonance in both cases will be the same.

Do not be excessively conservative. Solve and implement PR projects. Use the techniques of black PR for one hundred percent.