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You are on the site of independent investigatigator Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. Here, private detectives for you can conducting an independent investigation of Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine of any complexity and in any category of cases (including an independent international investigation). People regularly face such confusing cases in various segments of private life and business, where a detective investigation is also necessary.

Evidence obtained by independent investigation, very often, can change the course of the case in your favour, learn about the essence of the criminal case in Ukraine and other cases against you on the other hand. In addition, our agency, based on the extracted evidence and compromising data, develops a strategy of the client's legitimate actions for confrontation with the actions of ill-wishers.

One of the effective ways of responding, is the development and implementation of retaliatory actions of black PR, to protect you from any negative actions on the part of ill-wishers. Also publication of materials in with the media about certain illegal acts against you, to achieve public resonance. Also, the evidence we obtained can be submitted to various courts by the lawyers of our agency's legal branch (read about the work and services of our lawyers on a separate website). For more details about the service of black PR, click on the link.

The work on planning the investigation is carried out in several stages. The first is an introductory acquaintance with the essence of the matter. At this point, we give initial consultations about what needs to be done. One hour of conversation with a detective costs $ 35.

Based on the results of the investigation, we are preparing a dossier for the client. The range of investigation dates can range from one week to several months. In more complex cases, cases can be from six months to a year or more.
So, for example, in the period from 2011 to 2012, we investigated in parallel with the police the cause of the death of an English citizen on the territory of Ukraine. The brother of this citizen tried to blame wife, a citizen of England, but a native of Ukraine, that she arranged the murder of her husband to take possession of his property. Our agency conducted an independent investigation and was hired by the wife. During a complex investigation, our detective agency, together with the police of Ukraine and England, determined that the murder of an English citizen was ordered by his own brother, since he also had an interest in obtaining a share of property and money. Everything was arranged for an accident, he was allegedly shot down in a stolen car, and the perpetrator of the murder disappeared. While the investigation was underway, the wife could not enter into an inheritance, and brother and his lawyers were appointed by the court as property and money administrators. During the investigation, they spent huge sums of money and deduced them to other accounts. The scam was uncovered. The brother of an English citizen was convicted by the English court for murder.