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Dear Customer!

 What is the main reason for losing business and assets?

Assets are lost, and business efficiency decreases at such points:

1.Unfair employees. The level of trust, lack of control points over top management, lack of understanding of key tasks and the system of assessing the work of the security service lead to theft, fraud and kickbacks, as a result of which the company loses from 10-40% of profit.

2. Competitors - in the middle and even larger business, very often use the rigid methods of non-competitive struggle. Bribery and enticement of key employees, provocations, the introduction of their people into company structures, copying technologies and business models, lawsuits, bribery of judges. If you yourself know everything about competitors, plans, strategies, technologies, their financial flows - your business will be more efficient.

3. Counterparties - non-repayment of loans, delivery of a substandard product, litigation - all this deprives you of working capital and Live money. Reduces your financial performance, profit and access to credit.

4. The state - non-transparent tenders, checks, lack of a real "bank secrecy", the lack of principles for the protection of private property with finances and assets in our country.

5. Criminal structures.

The scale of abuse and potential threats that are lurking in your business is so significant that owners and managers in charge of the company's destiny will need a tremendous amount of effort and a variety of specialized skills that often distract from the main business processes.

The content of its own security service is very expensive pleasure, therefore, it is necessary to entrust security issues to professionals of private investigation on the basis of the established subscription fee. The organization of information security in the firm Kyiv, Odessa is our profile.

Successful application of rational methods and methods of economic protection to security professionals by security experts usually leads to a reduction in operational or general losses, which, accordingly, ultimately allows to increase the final profit indicators and / or to make more efficient use of the available resources in the enterprise.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the measures of constant watchfulness organized by the security advisors, the systematic search for abuses to a very great extent, will complicate the commission of economic crimes. Moreover, with this approach, even if abuse takes place, despite all the precautionary measures taken, a well-thought-out security organization will promptly notify the management that there is some kind of malfunction in the system that will ultimately minimize the losses incurred and prevent violation of established procedures.

Given the above, we offer you a model of providing economic security for your business in the B2B (business-to-business) format based on the established monthly subscription fee.

All programs include individual service with the appointment of a personal curator who provides services under the contract around the clock, the operation of the permanent operational headquarters, any consultations on our competence, a flexible pricing system.

We offer different levels of programs in the listed areas, differing in the level of information saturation, efficiency and cost.

The amount of information package the client needs is formed from the wishes of the client.

The monthly subscription fee is determined according to the volume of necessary measures for the list below, depending on the priorities set by the business management or its owner.

Special active and informational activities are financed separately.

After the half-year period of our cooperation, it is possible to revise the subscription fee (depending on the volume of tasks assigned), as well as provide you with a discount (up to 15%) for information services that come from closed sources.

1. Measures to ensure economic counterintelligence and internal corporate security of the company


1. Organization of selection of highly professional personnel.

2. Control and maintenance of staff loyalty.

3. Organization and control of the efficiency of work processes.

4. Preventing theft and other abuses by staff.


1. Periodic preventive check of loyalty of the company's personnel;

2. Counteracting internal corruption, attempts to damage the company by its employees, and it is not just about theft, but also incompetence;

3. Conducting official investigations into the facts of forgery, theft and other damage to the company;

4. Counteraction to criminal threats;

5. Identification of information sources of organized crime and industrial espionage among the company's employees;

6. Ensuring the physical safety of the company's management, its personnel;

7. Prevention of negative processes in the work collective of the company, which can bring to emergency incidents;

8. Ensuring the security of the movable and immovable property of the company.

9. Personnel-administrative, regime-normative, special measures for the selection, verification of candidates for work, control of current employees, selection of candidates for promotion and dismissal of personnel (internal personnel audit in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine).

 1.1. Selection and verification of candidates for work control of personnel


- obtaining information on the possible presence of criminal record, bringing to administrative responsibility;

- collection of characterizing information regarding the candidate for previous jobs (verifying the veracity of the information provided about himself, qualifications, professional achievements, possible abuses, real reasons for dismissal, etc.);

- collection of characterizing information regarding the candidate for work at the place of residence (lifestyle, general level of well-being, nature of contacts);

- conducting preliminary interviews with candidates for work (with the use of a lie detector) to assess their professional and moral and business qualities, (qualifications, managerial qualities, self-organization, propensities to deceit, psychological stability during actions in a critical situation, ability in their psychotype fit into the team and work efficiently etc.);

- monitoring of employees' compliance with labor processes, observance of deadlines for accomplishing tasks, plans and resolutions of management, established rules of documentation, internal communication processes, etc.);

- search in the actions of employees of abuse, theft, sabotage, etc .;

- control of observance by employees of labor discipline (schedule of workday, late work, exit from work before the deadline etc.);

- monitoring compliance with the security regime (pass, import / export of material values);

- monitoring the loyalty of personnel, as well as preventing the disclosure of trade secrets etc.);

- control compliance with the correctness of the dismissal procedure, legally correct execution of documents upon dismissal (in order to prevent possible initiation of legal proceedings by an employee).

1.2. Carrying out internal investigations in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine or order, a plan for carrying out an internal investigation.


 - Establishment of a circle of persons involved in violations, abuses, thefts;

- testing of suspected persons on polygraph (lie detector);

- collection and preparation of legally correct documents based on the results of investigations necessary to create a full evidence base for bringing perpetrators to material and other types of liability in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.3. Checks and audits

Sample inventory, verification of primary accounting, control of the safety of inventory items, to identify hidden in secluded places and prepared for theft, as well as unaccounted resources, artificially created surpluses, re-sorting, etc.

1.4. Development and implementation of internal regulatory and legal acts

Development and continuous improvement of internal regulatory documents, methods of systematizing and effectively setting up business processes (records management, provisions for the protection of trade secrets, contract work, returning receivables, etc.).

II. Measures to ensure economic security from external threats (business intelligence, counterintelligence)


1. Providing access to contractual relations with respectable and solvent counteragents, identifying the facts of violation of their contractual obligations, the application of sanctions in relation to them.

2. Identify and prevent the competitors' aspirations to implement unfair competition, gather information about competitors.

3. Receiving information about the reliability of the proposed investment objects.

4. Receiving information to improve the efficiency of the return of accounts receivable.

5. Receiving in the interests of business other information of interest to owners.

6.Organization of interaction with law enforcement structures, state bodies, mass media with the purpose of preventing negative actions against owners and forming a positive image of their business.

 2.1. Checking the legal entity of Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine on solvency and integrity when making deals or checking counterparty Kiev, Odessa. Ukraine.

Verification of the legal entity when concluding contracts, accompanying major transactions, establishing partnerships, the appearance of receivables and the search for counterparties. Our recommendations are the guarantor of your business relationship.


Information packages of three types: Basic, Master, Business (depending on the complexity of the information request)

Basic - reference to a legal entity, which must be checked when making small-scale transactions, attracting as a small contractor, establishing other business relations. The purpose of this reference is to establish the actual economic activities of the firm, its place in the market. The term of execution is from 3 to 5 days.

Master - a more complete reference to a legal entity, is used when checking medium and large companies in establishing business relationships or resolving questions about the return of receivables. The term of execution is from 3 to 5 days.

Business - the most complete reference to the company, is used when checking a counterparty, a debtor, monitoring a competitor. Information is provided in the fullest possible extent. Most often it is used for checking large companies, holdings. The execution time is from 5 to 10 days.

Obtaining information requires attracting and paying highly specialized sources of information

2.1.1. Carrying out of actions on gathering of the information for judicial affairs (information maintenance of activity of legal department);

2.2.2. Accompanying the collection of debts, both at the stage of pre-trial settlement and at the stage of enforcement proceedings (interaction with territorial bodies of the state executive service and private executors with the purpose of prompt collection of debts, search for the hidden tangible assets of the debtor).

III. Information and analytical work (preparation of monthly information and analytical reports to the business owner on the state of tendencies of companies and markets, legislative regulation of the industry etc. from the mass media) and many others.