Check certificate of registration real estate in Ukraine. Check real estate license of the construction company in Ukraine. Check apartment rental history in Ukraine. Apartment check for credit in Ukraine. Check the owner of the apartment in Ukraine

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Buying (selling) an apartment, house, land, commercial real estate is a very expensive, contractual measure where it is important to carefully check all the information.

Detectives and lawyers of our agency know how to check the construction company and what documents should be checked, they will help you to properly complete the transaction for the sale of real estate. Detective verification of the reliability of the construction company in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine, and scammers will not have any chance.

Order in our detective agency the verification of information on real estate. Checking the property and checking the purity of the transaction with real estate in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine and the check the owner of the house in  Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine will prevent apartment fraud.

Many, victims of scams, having lost significant funds, because of the lack of complete and reliable information.

Our check of the builder company or the owner of the apartment when buying and selling it, characterize of neighbors in the house, information about the seller or the buyer when concluding other transactions, will ensure your economic security.

Now in Ukraine there are a lot of scams with real estate, both in the sphere of purchase and sale and in the sphere of rental of housing. For example, in Odessa, many foreign visitors, tourists, holidaymakers at a resort near the sea, and many Odessa residents often on foreign business trips (sailors and not only). This is often used by scammers, forging documents or appearing as owner. In the sphere of rental housing there are scams with legal rent and illegal renting of housing to third parties, or when relatives rent out an apartment without the consent of the owners. In the sphere of buying, falsification of ownership. Therefore, check the seller of apartments in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine is very important.