How to find out the income of a person in Ukraine. How to find out the salary of a person in Ukraine. How to know the income of a person in Ukraine.

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Very often a person through private detectives needs to know the incomes of a person in Ukraine. 

It should be noted that incomes must be distinguished according to their official and unofficial sign.

Official incomes, as an example, make up wages, dividends received from doing business, interest on shares, etc.

Informal incomes can be obtained from informal work, illegal business and illegal activities, such as fraud or other types of unlawful acts.

Very often, people having won court cases, for example, on receipt of alimony or other debts, need to collect arrears on them. But any public or private judicial executor should be provided with an identification code of a person who he does not know. Not having an identification code to find a person or find out his income is very difficult.

Our detective agency will establish the identification code of a person (this is discussed in more detail in a separate service), and it will help to know the official salary of a person in Ukraine of his other official and unofficial incomes.

To find out the wage size by the identification number Ukraine costs $ 93 (for this amount you will also find out official work a person in detail under the link).

Movement of money on the account of an enterprise of any business sphere, as well as its revenues and a list of counterparties for the last calendar year, can be obtained by paying $ 293.

Private investigation of unofficial income, depending on the complexity of the work is calculated by our agency separately.

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